Under what circumstances refund is possible?

Refund is possible under the following circumstances :

A. Order is cancelled upon request.

To cancel the order, please call 8076980222.

The amount of refund related to an order cancellation is as follows.

Amount Refunded Conditions

100% when credit card has not been charged and ordered products have not been ordered from our supplier.

90% when credit card has been charged and Products have not been ordered from our supplier.

30% after Products have been ordered from our supplier.

0% after the Products leaves our shop/office.

B. Recipient not satisfied with the Products delivered.

If the recipient is not satisfied with the Products delivered due to un-fresh Vegetables/ Fruits or dissatisfied due

to quality, the customer who ordered the Vegetables/ Fruits will be given 100% refund, provided that.

– the recipient refuses to accept the Vegetables/ Fruits and returns the same instantly to the delivery boy at the address stated on the Delivery Order with intact condition. AND

РCustomer writes to us a mail about the reason of dissatisfaction. Please state the Transaction ID, the sender and the recipient address & name in the Email Form. This feedback will be used to help us to improve our customer service.

C. Destination of delivery is beyond our coverage

In case any area is out of our specified area is not accessible for any reason beyond our control.

D. How is the refund procedure being carried out?

Refund will be carried out within three days once one of the above mentioned criteria is met. Once the refund

has been successfully processed, you will receive a refund notification via email. Safe keep this refund

notification for checking against your monthly credit card bill.

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